Пресс-пакет Евровидения
Название:Пресс-пакет Евровидения
Год выпуска:1997
Завод:не указан

Ширина:600 мм
Высота:300 мм
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добавил: Ермолаев Алексей | 31 января 2011г

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Настоящие раритет - пресс-пакет участницы конкурса песни "Евровидение 97" Аллы Пугачевой.


Содержимое пресс-пакета:
- Биография Аллы Пугачевой
- Открытка 1
- Открытка 2
- Открытка 3
- Открытка 4
- Открытка 5
- Открытка 6
Открытка-приглашение на Vodka party
- CD-сингл "Примадонна"

Россия   Russia


Продюсер Филипп Киркоров
Издательский дом "АЛЛА"


Alla Pugacheva is the Tsarina of Russian pop. She`s been on the throne for over 20 years.

Superstar singer, composer, stage and film actress, and producer, the last People`s Artist of the Gorbachev era and the first performer of post-Soviet Russia, dhe is seen as the most gifted, the most sincere and the most loved by millions of fans. The epitome of Russian glamour. In her youth, she causrd a veritable revolution on stage, set new exciting frends and opened a new era in the art of popular songs.

The Era of Pugacheva.

With over 150 million LP`s and CD`s sold (not counting pirated copies), she easily ranks with Bing Grosby, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. She is the only one in Russia today who could fill a stadium with adoring fans. She is the only one whose 13-CD collection sells nesrly 5 million copies in two months.

The quintessential Russian Woman, Pugacheva is beyond stardom.

She is a living icon.


Mirror of the Soul (2LP`s) 1977
Arleccino and Other Hits 1977
Wait Till You See What Happens Next 1980
Rise Above The Everyday 1980
Full of Dangers is This Way (2LP`s) 1982
Wath Out! Alla Pugacheva in Stockgolm 1986
I`m Here Talking 1987
Alla 1990
Christmas Encounters (2LP`s) 1991
Christmas Encounters (2LP`s) 1992
Gentelmen, Don`t Couse Me Pain 1995
Alla Pugacheva Collection (13 CD`s) 1996


Her songs had also been released in Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Germany, China, Japan and Australia. In all, more than 150 million records sold.